PT Tirta Mahakam Resources Tbk

Integrated Wood Industry

PT Tirta Mahakam Resources Tbk (TMR) , which is a new name of TMPI (Tirta Mahakam Plywood Industry) , is one of the oldest company in Indonesia that specialized in manufacturing and marketing of a wide array of top quality plywood and hardwood products. Some of our item products are Floorbase, General Plywood, Laminated/Multi Plywood, Concrete Panel, Blockboard, Moulding, Polyester Plywood and Polyester Blockboard. Today we are one of the global players in the world, and has exported our products to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Europe and United States.
Over the years, TMR remains the foremost name in plywood and trusted for reliable quality. Trusted throughout the world because of our commitment to customer’s satisfaction by delivering quality product based on sustainable development. Therefore, the company is always striving to achieve more efficient and creative means of using its resources