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Post Date : Kamis, 9 Februari 2017 Superintendent Boiler Requirements: Usia maksimal 40 tahun Memiliki leadership Menguasai elektrik atau instrumen Menguasai PLC Pengalaman minimal 5 tahun Paham water Treatmen dan Turbin Pendidikan D3/ S1 Elekro /Instrumen Menguasai berbahasa inggris Di tempatkan di pabrik bukuan Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur   Responsibilities: Melakukan pengawasan atas pelaksanaan program Dept. […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company gives regards to corporate social responsibility as part of good corporate governance, and thereby instills in its governance policy the need for the Company to be socially and environmentally responsible for all of their business undertakings. Through the Social Responsibility activities, the Company is committed to demonstrate as a good company, it can […]


FSC Certification This label is the easiest to understand. All content in Pure products must come from an FSC™   certified forest. No recycled or non-FSC™   fiber of any kind. Keep in mind that non-wood fiber (ie wheatboard) or non-fiber materials (ie steel or glass) don’t factor into a product’s FSC™ status.   JAS Certification Our products […]

Factory and Business Location

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Djohan Surjaputra (President Director) He was appointed as a President Director of the Company since the year 2013 by Notarial deed No. 57 dated Leolin Jayayanti June 26, 2013. Last education : Diploma Business Marketing, Stamford College Malaysia, 1976. Irwan Santoso (Director) He was appointed as Director since 2002. He is also a Director of […]

Corporate Awards

Certification of Appreciation On June 2, 2004 the Company received a Certification of Appreciation from Eidai Co., Ltd. Japan, a major Housing Material Maker in Japan, for the sales achievement of 2 million tsubo (6,664,000 m2) sales since 1999 (equivalent to 100,000 houses flooring in Japan). This award is important since it has never been […]

Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is important for shareholders, creditors, staff as well as the Company itself. Therefore, a good relationship is needed among the board of commisioners, audit committee, board of directors and all of the staff in order to make Good Corporate Governance implemented well. General Meeting of Shareholders The General Meeting of Shareholders […]

Integrated Wood Industry

PT Tirta Mahakam Resources Tbk (TMR) , which is a new name of TMPI (Tirta Mahakam Plywood Industry) , is one of the oldest company in Indonesia that specialized in manufacturing and marketing of a wide array of top quality plywood and hardwood products. Some of our item products are Floorbase, General Plywood, Laminated/Multi Plywood, […]

Vision and Mission

PT Tirta Mahakam Resources Tbk is dedicated to provide quality products for its customers. We do so with integrity and professionalism. At all time, TMR is committed to build trust in its customer relationship. Our personnel are encouraged to improve continuously. TMR believes that the best value for our customers can be ensured only with […]