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Lim Gunawan Hariyanto Natural Wood flooring is very practical, versatile, long lasting and attractive for many homes, offices and public buildings and cost effective versus alternatives such as carpets, tiles and other stones. The finished wood flooring is practically maintenance free, projects a warm feeling and a close bonding with Mother Nature. 

TMR has established itself as a reliable producer of high quality engineered plywood for flooring export to Japan under certification by Japan Agriculture Standard. To date, TMR is the largest producer of floor-based plywood in Asia and well known for its quality consistency and "on time" delivery.

Since 1999 TMR has built on its strength to produce Japanese style flooring for famous OEM brand names in Japan.  Following this in 2001, TMR commenced production of US style flooring and marketing these to major manufacturers and distributors.

The Company takes pride in having a wide variety of attractive wood species for veneers in our product range, including those from North and South America and Indonesia.  The veneer tops are finished with poly-urethane (for Japan market) and UV coatings in a variety of colors to give them attractive shinning surfaces that are designed to withstand normal wear and tear. For plywood base, we use only hard woods indigenous in Indonesia to achieve a strong bond with the top veneer and to ensure that the flooring will last for many years. Our technology has been honed through many years working closely with renowned OEM Brands. We are also acutely aware of our environmental obligations and only procure wood from approved sources and suppliers.  The combined result is the production of high quality attractive wood flooring meeting the most stringent requirements expected by Industry and consumers.

TMR intends to become the premier supplier of wood flooring worldwide and is committed to continuous improvements for our products and services. With that vision in mind, we hope that we can stay on top in the industry.



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